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Triphala Clinical Studies

Study #1


"... it is clear that the mucous of stool and flatulence in group II, III and IV has also improved significantly, compared to the normal group, in case of other parameters no significant changes were observed. No toxicity or adverse drug reactions (ADRs) were observed in the patients and hence triphala was found to be safe and effective during the clinical trial."


[Pilok K. Mikher Jee, et al. ,Clinical Study of 'Triphala'- A Well Lnowm Phytocemedicine from India , Iranian Journal of Medicine and Thereapeutics,  May 2006, 5:51-54]


Study #2


"Methanolic extract (75%) of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinalis and their combination named ‘Triphala’ (equal proportion of above three plant extracts) are being used extensively in Indian system of medicine. They were found to inhibit lipid peroxide formation and to scavenge hydroxyl and superoxide radicals in vitro. The concentration of plant extracts that inhibited 50% of lipid peroxidation induced with Fe2+/ascorbate were food to be 85.5, 27, 74 and 69 g/ml, respectively. The concentration needed for the inhibition of hydoxyl radical scavenging were 165, 71, 155.5 and 151 g/ml, and that for superoxide scavenging activity were found to be 20.5, 40.5, 6.5 and 12.5 g/ml, respectively. Oral administration of the extracts (100 mg/kg body weight) reduced the blood sugar level in normal and in alloxan (120 mg/kg) diabetic rats significantly within 4 h. Continued, daily administration of the drug produced a sustained effect." 


[MC Sabu and Ramadasan Kuttan, Anit-diabetic activity of medicinal plants and its relationship with their antioxidant property, Journal of Ethoparmacology, July 2002, 81: 2: 155-60]

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