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Saffron Clinical Studies

Study #1


"Studies in animal models and with cultured human malignant cell lines have demonstrated antitumor and cancer preventive activities of saffron and its main ingredients, possible mechanisms for these activities are discussed."


[F.I Abdullaev et al, Biomedical properties of saffron and its potential use in cancer therapy and chemoprevention trials, Cancer Detection and Prevention, November 2004, 28, 6:426-32]  


Study #2


"Saffron (stigmates of Crocus sativus L.) has been used for medicinal purposes for millenaries. Throughout history, uses against cancer and depressive mood can regularly be identified. These applications have also been in the focus of modern research. Promising and selective anti-cancer effects have been observed in vitro and in vivo, but not yet in clinical trials. Antidepressant effects were found in vivo and in clinical pilot studies. Saffron extracts thus have the potential to make a major contribution to rational phytotherapy." 


[Mathias Schmidt  et al, Saffron in phytotherapy: Pharmacology and clinical uses, Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift July 2007, Volume 157, Issue 13-14, pp 315-319]

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