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Our green coffee bean product is designed to provide you with the effective dose of chlorogenic acid to enhance your weight loss efforts by aiding in fat metabolism as well as promoting healthy blood sugar levels.


Green Coffee Bean Extract contains Chlorogenic Acid, which comes from the unroasted coffee bean. It has been shown to assist with weight loss by binding to fat compounds in your digestive system so they pass through you without being absorbed. At the same time, Chlorogenic Acid may aid your body in using stored fat for energy.

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ingredients Green Coffee Bean Extract Blend — Contains chlorogenic acid, which is believed to slow glucose release into the bloodstream after a meal and assists to promote healthy glucose absorption in the intestines. It’s also been shown to enhance fat metabolism in the liver and aids natural blood pressure levels. Magnesium Stearate — An “anti-caking agent” that is used in making capsule products so the powdered ingredients don’t stick together..
Directions As a dietary supplement, take three (3) capsules once daily 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch with a full glass of water. For best results drink plenty of water throughout the day. Do not exceed the recommended dose of (3) three capsules per day