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Psyllium Husk Clinical Studies

Study #1


“The strong evidence that psyllium and other viscous fibres including ß-glucan may prevent CHD is reflected in the recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) health claims for viscous fibres. As concluded by the FDA, scientific studies indicate that 10.2 g of psyllium daily, providing approximately 7 g of viscous fibre, in the diet is needed to show a significant LDL-cholesterol lowering effect...Psyllium can be included as part of a healthy diet following Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. With regard to LDL cholesterol lowering, it appears that benefits accrue at relatively low levels of 10.2 g psyllium per day.”


[Cyril W.C. Kendall PhD, The Health Benefits of Psyllium, Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, Fall 2004, 65(3) at kelloggnutrition.com/files/2004%20fall%20dcins_psyllium.pdf]  


Study #2


“After the meal, hunger feelings and energy intake were significantly lower during the psyllium session than during the placebo session (13% and 17% lower respectively; P<0.05). Postprandial increase in serum glucose, triglycerides and insulin levels was less with psyllium than with placebo (P<0.05).


Conclusions: Psyllium reduces hunger feelings and energy intake in normal volunteers at reasonable dose and without requiring mixing with the meal. It does not act by slowing down the gastric emptying of hydrosoluble nutrients, but by increase in the time allowed for intestinal absorption, as suggested by the flattening of the postprandial serum glucose, insulin and triglycerides curves.”


[D. Rigaud et al, Effect of psyllium on gastric emptying, hunger feeling and food intake in normal volunteers: a double blind study, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 1997, 52:239-245]

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