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All Creative Bioscience supplements are manufactured and tested in GMP-approved facilities in the United States. Third party testing is performed to ensure purity and quality of the finished product. Creative Bioscience believes in a natural approach. That is why we strive to provide GMO Free, gluten free and vegetarian friendly options.

1234 Diet Drops Extreme
A better tasting, 3x more of the complex formula of your favorite diet drops. Now alcohol free.

1234 Diet Drops
A dynamic supplement designed to promote weight loss. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that promote metabolism and provide essential nutrients.

eAC 1234
eAC 1234® (Energy Appetite Control) is an all-natural, effective supplement designed to boost energy and control appetite. If you feel hungry and tired, eAC’s ingredients could help you deal with cravings and boost energy so you can stick to your diet.

Garcinia Cambogia 1234
Garcinia Cambogia is the key ingredient in minimizing the body’s production of the enzyme citrate lyase, believed to be necessary in converting carbohydrates into fat – an action we’d all like to avoid.

Joint Formula
This intelligent formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients for support in joint health. This combination works synergistically to help with overall joint mobility and comfort.

Liver Formula
Taken on a daily basis, this product can help not only to aid in the health and protection of our liver -- the body’s busiest organ -- but also assist with detoxification of the liver and the entire body.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is the oil that is extracted from coconuts. Coconut oil has been called a “superfood” for its array of health benefits that it promotes. Including weight loss, immune system enhancement, and brain health.

African Mango
Our African Mango formula aids your appetite by helping you feel full faster and longer. It assists with fat metabolism, maintains natural blood sugar control, and helps increases energy.

Sleep Formula
Sleep Formula is a mix of 600 mg of Lemon Balm, 400 mg of Valerian Root Extract, 20 mg of California Poppy Extract and 20 mg of Passionflower.

Stress Formula

These ingredients are designed to help with stress levels and calming the body in a healthy, natural way. The highly effective and multiple functioning nature of these ingredients provide very effective results without an overload of unnecessary additives.

Raspberry Ketone 1234
Raspberry Ketone 1234® is an award-winning formula using a proprietary blend of ingredients to assist with energy, metabolism, and fat mobilization. Use it to slim down or maintain ideal weight.

Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract
Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract™ may help burn fat fast, but the active ingredient isn’t caffeine. In fact, each serving contains only 20 mg of caffeine. For reference, an 8-oz cup of generic, brewed coffee contains 95-200 mg of caffeine.

Anti-aging Formula
Creative Bioscience® Anti-Aging Formula is a dynamic formula that contains your daily dose of Vitamins A, D, E, and C. To support even more anti—aging benefits, Anti—Aging Formula contains 2.5 mg of Biotin and 350 mg of Phytoceramides.

Forskolin 1234
Forskolin 1234® is a blend of Green Tea, Cayenne, and most importantly, Forskolin (Coleus forskohlii root extract(. It is believed that Forskolin helps enhance weight loss by boosting the metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone Plus
Get fitter without the jitters. In Raspberry Ketone Plus™, we have taken our award—winning formula and made a simple change: removed the stimulants. So, if you are sensitive or just wanted something caffeine—free, Raspberry Ketone Plus™ may be the right diet tool for you.

30 Day Diet
30 Day Diet™ is a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to aid with weight loss by increasing your metabolism and lowering your hunger.

Probiotics 1234
Probiotics 1234® is a dynamic formula containing specific bacteria strains that have been studied for weight loss and overall digestive health. It is a synbiotic formula, meaning that it contains both prebiotics and probiotics.