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Citrus Bioflavanoids Clinical Studies

Study #1


"In 69 cases of acute respiratory infections (of which23 have previously been reported), including the common cold, acute follicular tonsillitis and influenza, oral therapy with the whole water soluble citrus flavonoid complex (vitamin ā€œPā€ complex) led to rapid subsidence of the infection usually in from 8 to 48 hours, occasionally somewhat longer. There were only 3 failures, and 3 further cases in which the course of the disease was apparently ameliorated but not immediately terminated. Preliminary observations suggest dramatic usefulness also in bursitis and in certain other types of infection."


[Morton S Biskind and William Coda Martin, The use of citrus flavonoids in infections. II, The American Journal of Digestive Diseases February 1955, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 41-45]



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