capsule protocol

Phase 1 – Load: Take the capsules as directed for 2 days, eating as you normally would. Then begin the diet below or a diet of your choosing that is reduced calories, no starches or sugars, and only minimal healthy fats. You can exercise if you wish but be sure to eat plenty of protein if you do.

Phase 2 – Lose: Here you continue taking the capsules and follow our diet or a diet of your choosing for whatever time frame you have decided upon. You need to eat more calories if you exercise and fewer calories if you don’t to see weight loss and be sure to make at least 50% of your calories from the protein category.

Phase 3 – Stabilize: After you have finished with the diet and lost your desired weight take at least 3 weeks to stabilize your weight loss before continuing on to the maintenance phase. No capsules are taken during stabilization and you slowly add in one new food item every day or two to see how your body handles it. This phase is crucial to understanding how to keep the weight you have lost gone for good so slowly trying new items is key.

Phase 4 – Maintain: This phase is essentially “the rest of your life” after you have lost the weight you wish to lose and go forward maintaining your weight. You hopefully have learned what foods are fine to eat and what needs moderation or to be avoided all together. You can use Intermittent Fasting as needed to maintain your results.

Instructions: Take the capsules as directed on the product and follow our 1234 diet or a diet of your choosing for whatever time frame you have decided upon. Exercise is not required, although you may work out if you choose to as long as you increase your protein intake.

In order to have the greatest success with this diet, we advise you to choose the cleanest, most wholesome food you can find if organic is an option for you. Be sure to read the nutritional content on everything that you consume. Try to become very aware of what you put into your body.

Track your calories daily and drink plenty of water. If you feel hungry during your diet, eat more vegetables. Have balanced meals each day consisting mostly of protein and vegetables while limiting fruit serving sizes and omitting starches (if desired) for the best results.

Carefully match your calories to your activity level and then keep both at the same level throughout your diet for the best results. It takes trial and error so start out slowly and carefully monitor your weight loss so you can make adjustments.