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Beta – Alanine Clinical Studies

Study #1


"The use of HIIT to induce significant aerobic improvements is effective and efficient. Chronic -alanine supplementation may further enhance HIIT, improving endurance performance and lean body mass.”


[Steven Sinclair N.D., L.A.c., Chinese Herbs: A Clinical Review of Astragalus, Ligusticum, and Schizandrae, Alternative Medicine Review 1998; 3(5):338-344]


Study #2


β€œTo investigate glucagon (IRG) and insulin (IRI) responses to alanine infusion in obesity and to assess the effect of body weight reduction with respect to hormonal balance, we compared six obese subjects with nine normal weight controls. None of the subjects were diabetic by OGTT criteria. Plasma IRI and IRG were measured following IV alanine at a rate of 0.1 g/kg over a period of 2 min. Our obese subjects had an increase in IRG response to alanine, which was due to decreased suppression of alpha-cell function due to insulin resistance. Weight reduction via calorie restriction reduced insulin demand, resulting in reduced plasma IRI by restoring beta-cell function, and the IRG response was paradoxically decreased as compared with that before weight loss. It is conceivable that improvements in insulin sensitivity after body weight reduction may re-establish the normalization of pancreatic betacell function and the insulin-induced inhibition of IRG secretion. Our obese subjects were characterized by decreased IRG secretion which was reflected in a change in body weight reduction.”



[Takashi Asano et al, Plasma Glucagon Response to Intravenous Alanine in Obese and Non-Obese Subjects, Endocrinol Japonica, 36(5):767-773 (1989)]

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