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Apple Fiber (Pectin) Clinical Studies

Study #1


“RESULTS: After 12 wk of follow-up, the fruit group lost 1.22 kg (95% confidence interval # 0.44 –1.85), whereas the oat group had a non-significant weight loss of 0.88 kg (0.37–2.13). The difference between the two groups was statistically significant (P # 0.004). To explore further the body weight loss associated with fruit intake, we measured the ratio of glucose to insulin. A significantly greater decrease of blood glucose was observed among those who had eaten fruits compared with those who had eaten oat cookies...CONCLUSIONS: Intake of fruits may contribute to weight loss.. . .a recent review indicated that, under fixed energy intake, soluble or insoluble fiber intake increases postmeal satiety and decreases subsequent hunger. In addition, this review suggested, at least for short-term follow-up, that high-fiber diets decrease energy intake and body weight.4”


[Maria Conceicao de Oliveira RD et al, Weight Loss Associated With a Daily Intake of Three Apples or Three Pears Among Overweight Women, Nutrition , 2003, 19(3):253-256]

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