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"I am writing because I started the HCG1234® program 2 weeks ago and I have lost 15lbs already. I have been struggling for quite some time to get rid of the baby weight from my son being born and was very skeptical about it. A friend had bought 2 bottles and told me 'If you are that desperate... try this.' I put off starting for about 2 weeks, and finally I did it. I am SOOOOOOO happy about it too. I feel amazing on it. Everyone told me that around day 4 or 5 that I would feel sick and be dragging but I'm not... I LOVE it. I feel better than I have in a long time. I had one day (easter) where I didn't eat according to my diet and seriously, I've decided that if you eat healthy you feel healthy, if you eat like crud, you feel like crud. Being on the drops has helped me realize that this isnt just a diet, it is a life change. Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!! "

- kristina

"I am so please with the results of taking the drops. I feel great and also feel like I look great – although I have decided to take the drops one more three week period. I will follow it very strict again to see if I can lose another 10 pounds and reset my metabolism one more time. I am so thrilled to weigh less than I did when the doctor found that my thyroid was not working properly. Thanks for all your support"

- Jeannie

"I am on my second round of taking HCG now with a total weight loss so far of 35 lbs. I started at 188 lbs. and am now down to 150 lbs. My goal is 140 lbs. I have two more weeks left in this round. I love HCG, it is very rewarding and I find it very simple to follow. It turns out that to keep off the weight, it's all about lifestyle change and learning how to eat healthy and properly. Not to skip meals, your metabolism needs to work. I have recommended HCG to several people, all who have ordered from your sight, all who are doing well. "

- Susan

Before I started the HCG 1234® diet, I was 231 lbs. I learned about it from my sister who has been through her first cycle when we talked. I noticed that she has lost a lot of weight and was impressed by this. Determined to lose some weight, I got my wife and I some of the HCG 1234® drops. Then following day we started the diet. After my first three weeks, I dropped down to 205. I had many people ask me what I had done to lose so much weight. As I would tell them about HCG, one of the biggest questions I was asked was, "How is your energy level?" I have never felt better and have a lot of energy, as I am not carrying around 26 lbs anymore. I have noticed all my cloths fit better too! I am about to start my second round with the HCG 1234® drops and I am excited to see what happens next. My success is in a combination of the diet and slight exercise, so anyone would be able to do it.

- J

"Hello! I am planning to order and start the HcG diet. I have been reading all the procedures, but see no mention of vitamins/minerals etc. Regularly I take these and cal/mag, salmon oil and cod liver oil. Would I be able to do that on the plan?"

- S

Hello S-
You should probably try to abstain from taking the oils until you have established a consistent daily weight loss. Though those oils are typically healthy, any oils, particularly orally ingested ones, can cause problems. Once you know how much weight to expect to lose per day, you can try adding them one at a time to see if it negatively affects the weight loss.

Vitamins are typically not an issue. You will just want to check the ingredients carefully for sugar or starch fillers.

Good Luck, hCG 1234® Suppor