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Plateau Breaking Diet

Plateaus, or diet stalling, affect every dieter at some point. When weight loss slows or even stops on the hCG Diet, what should a person do? Is there a plateau breaking diet that will put you back on track?

This persistent problem has been researched since the early days of Dr. Simeons' research with obese patients in India using his diet protocol for weight loss. Today our diet support staff receives daily calls from hCG dieters with questions about plateau breaking diet tips to help them stop stalling and continue burning unwanted pounds of fat. Here are suggestions that work:

  • keep a food journal to make sure something you're eating is not causing a problem (this is a great help when reporting to a diet support specialist)
  • drink plenty of water to support fat oxidation and digestion
  • for constipation that may deceive you into thinking you're not losing, try an occasional dose of something gentle designed to keep things moving, such as our Rapid Colon Cleanse™ (rCC) or Smooth Move tea
  • water weight gain is temporary and may throw off body weight readings for a few days, especially during a woman's cycle
  • pull out the measuring tape, because it often tells a different story than the bathroom scale