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hCG drops have become an amazing tool in the war on obesity. They are derived from the original hCG diet protocol from Dr. Simeons. They are taken sublingually (under the tongue) for maximum absorption without injections.

Our flagship hCG drops product is hCG 1234®, originally named after the 4 phases of the hCG drops diet. As the leader in hCG dieting we have diversified our product offerings to cater to an even wider group of dieters giving more people more tools for successful weight loss. The line-up now includes hCG 1234®, hCG Zero Capsules™, hCG Zero Liquid™ and 1234® Diet Drops. Additionally our new formulations allow more wiggle room in terms of the allowed amount of daily calories. We kept the original 500 but have added diets for 800, 1200 and 1600 calories per day.

hcg drops
hCG 1234®
The most successful highest rated hCG drops supplement on the market, the original, the best.

hCG Zero Liquid™
A hormone free alternative that still maintains all the benefits of hCG 1234™ in liquid form.

hCG Zero Capsules™
A hormone free alternative that still maintains all the benefits of hCG 1234® in a capsule.
More on hCG Drops

All our hCG drops products are best utilized on Dr. Simeons' protocol. The protocol is a set of instructions on how to use the hCG drops in your diet. At a high level view there are 4 phases to the diet, loading, losing, stabilizing and maintaining. Each phase requires a certain set of foods in order to get your body to respond properly to the diet. The standard dosing amounts for the hCG drops diet require 10 drops 3 times per day, 30 minutes before each meal.

Customer Q & A

Will I receive support during the hCG 1234® diet?

Yes, our courteous and well-trained hCG 1234® diet support staff is totally dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and we are standing by 24-7. Please call 877-744-1224 or email us at

Why doesn't hCG 1234® promise I will lose at least 1 pound per day like every other hcg diet site?

Hundreds of thousands of our hCG 1234® customers testify to reaching and keeping their ideal weight. However, results vary from person to person. We have been in business longer than most other diet supplement companies and we intend on being in business much longer so we are very transparent about our product and service. We have seen hundreds of companies come and go over the years, we will be here for years to come.

Are you the first diet company to introduce a 1200 dietary calorie blend?

Yes, we are. We have a potent blend and a great support staff that can assist dieters achieve their goals, even on a 1200 calorie diet.

Why is your hCG 1234® diet supplement better than the hCG products from your competition?

hCG 1234® diet support is unlimited, and our staff is well trained--just call 877-744-1224 to find out. hCG 1234® products are made in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities in the USA. hCG 1234® is the best diet support product available on the market today.

Are there discounts for ordering more hCG 1234®?

Yes, and we are always running a special so hCG 1234® is affordable for everyone.

Will I receive any literature with my hCG 1234® order?

Yes, we send an hCG 1234® diet guide that is very easy to use along with progress charts, recipes and access to every page of our website free of charge.

How much is hCG 1234® support if I need ongoing help?

hCG 1234® diet support is free no matter how many times you contact us or we contact you. We are very happy to assist anyone using the hCG diet even if you are using a competitor's product. Our live agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have right now.

Can I buy hCG 1234® locally?

Yes, check our store locator for a location near you. Our product is sold in thousands of weight loss clinics, physician's offices and health food stores all over the world.

Will I receive 1 on 1 assistance during and after the hCG 1234™ diet if I use your company?

Yes, our goal at hCG 1234® is to help you achieve your goals and maintain them. We have 33 people dedicated to hCG 1234® diet support, so if there is a particular hCG 1234® support agent you enjoy talking to, just request that person and you will be transferred right away.

Why the 1200 calorie diet?

hCG 1234® is designed to help you lose weight on a 500, 800, or 1200 calorie plan. You choose your diet based on your lifestyle and weight loss goal. While consuming 1200 calories, your hypothalamus may continue releasing stored fat.

What is the hypothalamus gland?

The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, your metabolic rate.

Will I feel hungry while using hCG 1234®?

Most dieters do not report unusual hunger during the hCG 1234® diet. Energy comes from stored fat being released.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss varies for everyone, but our clients have reported between .5 pound and 3 pounds per day, with the average loss being 1-2 pounds per day; again, results vary for everyone.

Are there any side effects with using hCG 1234®?

Very few experience slight headaches and dizziness during the beginning of phase 2.

Who can use the diet?

Virtually all of our customers, young, old, male, or female report success with hCG 1234®. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new weight loss program. Do NOT use hCG if you are pregnant or nursing.

Can vegetarians use hCG 1234® for weight loss?

hCG 1234® is also designed for use with the Vegetarian Protocol.

How do I keep my goal weight once I stop using hCG 1234®?

Don't think of hCG 1234® as just a diet; use of the hCG 1234® program can help reset metabolism and fat regulation so the body no longer is triggered into storing unneeded fat. Continue to be aware of the foods you take into your body.

hCG 1234® 1200 Calorie Diet Plans

What can I eat when I am on the diet?

You will be eating normal, healthy food that is easy to find at your local grocery store. You will have 2 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 fruits and 2 cracker servings per day. We have a lot of great recipes to choose from on our website.

I'm a vegetarian. What can I eat?

You will eat the same veggies, fruits and crackers that are mentioned in the normal protocol. For protein, you will have 8 oz. skim milk or ½ cup cottage cheese. You can also have white fish. Another daily protein suggestion is 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites.

Can I use salt?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the use of salt, but be sure to read the ingredients on any seasonings you use to be sure they don't contain any added sugar.

Can I drink alcohol while I am taking the drops?

No. Alcohol is not allowed during Phase 2 while you are taking the drops. However, you can drink in moderation during Phase 3 so long as you are careful to avoid drinks containing sugar or starch.

Exercise and hCG 1234®

Can I exercise?

Yes, exercise is permitted but not required. If you choose to exercise, keep your intensity level mild to moderate. Avoid strenuous activity. If you feel lightheaded, lower your intensity. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.

What kind of exercise can I do?

Walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, light resistance training, dancing, aerobics, etc. Be sure to keep your intensity level low, and if you feel lightheaded slow down. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.

Cosmetics & Skin Care Products during hCG 1234® diet

What kind of make-up/cosmetics can I use?

Mineral make-up is best. Whatever you use must be oil free. Be sure to read the ingredients on everything you put on your skin to be sure it doesn't contain oil. If you use products containing oil, you will stall your weight loss.

What about shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste?

Most people can safely continue to use their regular hygiene products without affecting their weight loss.

Can I use lotion?

Be sure to read the ingredients on anything you put on your skin to be sure it is oil-free. There is a possibility that if it contains oil, your body will absorb it and cause you to not lose weight. Baby oil, mineral oil and corn huskers lotion are all safe alternatives.

Is it safe to buy online?

Yes. Once you click on our purchase page, our site is encrypted and protected with up to a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. If you prefer not to disclose your payment information online, you may call us to place an order at 1-877-744-1224.

How long will a 2 ounce bottle of hCG 1234® last?

A 2 ounce bottle of premium hCG 1234® will easily perform a 30 day program no matter the dosing amount. Many people have used our 2 ounce product for an entire 6 week cycle as well.

What will my descriptor state on my credit card?


Will the hCG 1234® Diet Instructions be included with my order?

Yes, we send a comprehensive hCG 1234® diet outline along with your hCG 1234® Diet Drops.

How long does shipping take?

All orders will be shipped the next day, Monday - Thursday. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday. You will receive an email with a delivery confirmation number that will allow you to track your order. Orders usually take 3-7 business days to be delivered.

How do I submit my hCG 1234® weight loss testimonial for credit toward my future order?

Simply submit your hCG 1234® weight loss testimonial to

Where are your hCG 1234® products manufactured?

hCG 1234® is manufactured and bottled in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities in the United States of America.

Product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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