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hCG Diet Plateau

At some point during your hCG weight loss program you will probably experience an hCG Diet plateau,where your body's weight readout on the scale seems to hover, or the pounds just aren't coming off as rapidly as they did before. This can be frustrating, especially when you have been doing everything correctly on your hCG diet. What should you do?

Keep at it! Virtually every dieter loses weight at a different rate throughout a given day, week, or month. Many factors can contribute to an hCG Diet plateau, such as water weight gain, water retention, cheating, change in eating schedule, accidentally using incorrect condiments containing sugar, mistakenly eating combinations of foods not recommended on the hCG Diet such as broccoli and cauliflower, constipation, and many others. There is good news, however: our experience with hundreds of thousands of successful hCG dieters shows that even with small fluctuations or temporary "stalling", your average weight loss on the hCG diet should be consistent when you eat carefully according to Dr. Simeons' protocol and follow the instructions for each Phase. For tips and plateau busters visit our site or contact our diet support staff at, or call 877.744.1224 any time.