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hCG Cleanse™

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hCG Cleanse™ is an all-natural, 4-day, rapid colon cleanse specifically tailored to the needs of hCG 1234™ dieters. It contains no additives, sugars, or starches that many leading colon cleansers have, making it safe to take during the Four Phases of Dr. Simeons' protocol. Taking hCG Cleanse™ before starting your diet is highly recommended because it helps you start fresh.

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hCG Cleanse™ is made from Psyllium Husk, Ginger Root, Rhubarb Root, Senna Leaf, and Apple Fiber. These clinically supported ingredients are designed to help you complete a colon cleanse "detox" program, allowing you to enjoy a more efficient digestive system. Reported benefits include feeling lighter and cleaner, enhanced nutrient absorption, gentle herbal action, and improved intestinal function.

A common problem dieters face is the dreaded "diet plateau" (stalling), where diet progress appears to slow or stop for a short period. Often, this is simply the natural result of less food moving through your system, resulting in sluggish digestion. Taking hCG Cleanse™ occasionally as needed during your diet helps to gently get things moving so you can start seeing results again.

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