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eAC 1234® (Energy Appetite Control)

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Energy Appetite Control (eAC) 1234® quickly delivers a tremendous energy boost while acting as a powerful appetite suppresant. eAC was formulated for hCG dieters on any phase of the hCG diet, and it complements other diets as well. Our proprietary formulation of all natural ingredients works well as an energy boost and an appetite suppressant to help you lose weight.

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Product Description

It doesn't matter what diet program or products you are using, eAC 1234® is our secret weapon in the war on fat. Why struggle or even give up your weight loss goals? We care and we want to help you to be successful. With eAC 1234® you will get that little extra nudge to help you to stay on track in your efforts. A little energy boost and a little more help in appetite reduction might be all you need. eAC 1234® is an all-natural effective capsule comprised of safe and potent ingredients. Just like all of our high quality made in the U.S.A. products, eAC 1234® contains no sugars or starches. This fact alone sets eAC apart from a multitude of energy supplements.

eAC 1234® boosts your energy level, helps decrease your appetite and improves your ability to concentrate. eAC 1234® works using all natural ingredients in a forceful formulation. A powerfully blended supplement that naturally increases your energy levels safely and effectively. It also helps you to be more alert, to concentrate, to have a clearer sense of vision and makes it easier to focus. Natural appetite control is another benefit of using the eAC supplement. It helps prevent food cravings to substantially diminish your appetite. When used with a sensible weight loss program, healthy food choices and increased activity levels eAc 1234® will help you reach your weight loss goals, comfortably.

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Customer Reviews
"Used this product during the stabilization phase and it worked extremely well and I was able to maintain my weight to within 2lbs. I am diabetic with an extremely strong appetite. I used to get up every night around 2am and have to eat cottage cheese to be able to go back to sleep. I knew I would never be able to maintain my weight loss without it. So far I have lost 30lb. I plan to keep chipping away at this in phases until I get to my goal. Plan to lose another 30lbs. total. This diet is a miracle. I have spent so much money over the years with little or no success that I basically gave up. I would never consider gastric bypass because I can't imagine getting the nutrients needed to maintain health, and I known people who still managed to gain weight after the procedure and are constantly hungry. The key is managing your appetite."

- ALLISON DUFF (Reading, PA)

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