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Diet Remorse

No one regrets losing weight and having to buy little black dresses or skinny jeans to fit their sleek new body. But people do regret wasted time and money invested in diets that don't even work, and especially cheating on a diet that does work. Why must we sabotage ourselves instead of taking the quickest, most reliable route to health and happiness? That is the question. Diet remorse is a common issue for serious, health-minded people everywhere who really would like to design a new body and feel better about their health and appearance. hCG dieters also face the problem of poor eating choices and the regret that follows, but there is hope.

Not everyone succeeds all the time on a diet. Remorse always follows diet cheating, and often the dieter is tempted to throw their hands in the air after a lapse and bag the whole weight loss program—and enjoy every bite of the tasty food they are then free to eat! The best thing to do after a lapse in self control or judgment during the hCG diet is keep on with the protocol, and make a plan to deal with sneaky cravings in the future. Food urges can be quite tempting, and after indulging we always wish we hadn't eaten those extra calories. Then follows guilt garnished with a bit of despair, threatening the success of the whole diet.

Your diet is more likely to be successful if you enlist outside help such as a friend also doing the diet, and if you keep a faithful record of what you eat in a food journal. Consider keeping healthier food out in the open so that you can munch on it instead of rich food that will hurt your diet. And don't forget to drink water! It's important. You're doing a good thing here, and when you succeed you will not have diet remorse, but diet satisfaction. Count on it.