Fitness Scholarship

General Application Guidelines

The Fitness Scholarship is designed to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle and to help college students learn about healthy eating habits early. A scholarship of $1,000 is awarded once per year, once in January. Creative Bioscience® is the industry leader for diet supplements and diet support services. Our business success depends on maintaining a positive brand image and delivering a quality product to the market.

Application Deadlines are: November First for January Award

Entry Guidelines for the Scholarship

  1. 300 – 500 Word Essay – Visit an essay about any subject that interests you in the health industry, focusing on why it interests you and how you have learned from it, or could apply it into your life.
  2. 2. Submit your written entry after filling out required contact information at

Scholarship Requirements

Essays must be original and written by the applicant. Essays will be checked for plagiarism, re-writes, and duplicates.

Final application process will require:

Copy of your essay

Additional personal information as required for proof of full-time student status and active registration.