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Cheating On hCG Diet Phase 2

Phase 2, Lose, is where the “rubber meets the road” in the hCG Diet, so to speak. The other Phases are designed around it. Cheating on hCG Diet Phase 2 is disastrous because it can not only slow your progress or stop it temporarily, it can actually make you gain weight. Then again...we know how it is. You have a life with relationships, problems, and hobbies. That's the point: this whole hCG Diet is a process of transformation, of improvement, of becoming, and all so you can have the happiest, best life possible.

Enjoying food is certainly a part of living a full life, right? Of course. But especially during your Low Calorie Diet you've got to resist nagging impulses and urges to sabotage your success by cheating on hCG Diet Phase 2, because giving in may provide momentary relief and pleasure but will cost you precious diet days and effort to get back on track. As you stabilize and maintain later in your hCG weight loss program you will gradually reintroduce bread, sugar, pasta, and other things you've missed, but for now hold firm and find ways to get past cravings. Call a friend, munch something harmless but allowed, get your hands busy on a project, anything. Hey, even brushing your teeth works for some. Others have lost weight on hCG drops, and you can, too.