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African Mango Products Help Dieters

As a result of consumer demands, retailer requests, and its own internal research efforts, hCG 1234® Diet giant Creative Bioscience® introduces an entire line of African Mango diet supplements.

The African Mango product line consists of African Mango 1200™, African Mango Lean™, and African Mango Cleanse™. Creative Bioscience® uses a proprietary formula of ingredients to make these supplements dynamic. As with all of our diet supplements the African Mango line is manufactured exclusively in FDA inspected and GMP approved labs located in the United States of America. Clinician and dieter testimony support the choice that Creative Bioscience® has made to use this key ingredient.

Local tribesmen found that the mango seed helped give them endurance to survive in long hunts under all weather conditions. The plant Irvingia gabonensis is more commonly known as African Mango. The genus for the plant is named after Dr. Edward George Irving, a surgeon for the British Royal Navy. It offers a natural alternative to both traditional and "fad" dieting, and requires no expensive meal plans or exercise regimens.
African Mango, Official Website, June 27, 2011; D. Gledhill, Names of Plants, Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Clinical studies demonstrate the following benefits from consumption of African mango extract: 1. Losing weight; 2. Controlling cholesterol, and/or 3. Improving diabetes control.

One of our favorite television doctors recently tried African Mango himself and was impressed. He featured it on his popular television show where he now includes African Mango in his "Just Ten" list of healthy habits you should adopt to lose weight. He lost 7 pounds in 28 days taking just one African Mango tablet per day. He hailed African mango as a "miracle in your medicine cabinet that can help you lose 10 pounds."
The quote is from The Dr. Oz Show, June 27, 2011.

To help meet the needs of all dieters, Creative Bioscience® has introduced African Mango 1200™, African Mango Lean™, and African Mango Cleanse™.

African Mango 1200™ and African Mango Lean™ are diet products and diet support programs that are simple, easy to start, and easy to follow. African Mango 1200™ is designed for dieters with more weight to lose, and African Mango lean is designed for dieters with less weight to lose. The instructions with African Mango 1200™ and African Mango Lean™ suggest that dieters consume two 600 milligram capsules per day. With respect to foods, Creative Bioscience® recommends that dieters only make smart food choices, eat reasonably sized portions, and drink plenty of water. No caloric content is specified. African Mango 1200™ and African Mango Lean™ do not even require participants to change their exercise routines. Accordingly, African Mango 1200™ and African Mango Lean™ encourage dieters to adopt long term healthy lifestyles and eating habits.

African Mango Cleanse™ is designed to complement the consumption of African Mango 1200™ and African Mango Lean™. It helps people watching their weight to cleanse and detoxify their digestive tracks. The instructions of African Mango Cleanse™ to consume up to two 1600 milligram capsules per day for up to a two week cycle.

The response of dieters confirms the choices of the diet supplement company. Creative Bioscience® reports that African Mango 1200™, African Mango Lean™, and African Mango Cleanse™ have been flying off the shelves at natural food store chains such as Sprouts Market. Dieters who have taken the African Mango products have stated they have experienced reduced appetites, increased energy, and weight loss.

To enhance the weight loss benefits to which dieters have testified, Creative Bioscience® is providing 24/7 diet support through a trained staff of specialists. This diet support has been received with great enthusiasm and mirrors the support that Creative Bioscience® gives to patrons of hCG 1234® . These specialists help customers balance their goals, overcome common stumbling blocks, and provide encouragement. The diet support department receives up to 15,000 e-mails and 15,000 telephone calls per month with commonly and not so commonly asked questions.

Unlike many of its competitors, Creative Bioscience® believes that every weight loss product and program should be supported with proven results. Creative Bioscience® realizes that just about everyone, at one time or another wants to lose weight. The company also knows sensible individuals want to remain healthy. Therefore, Creative Bioscience® chooses to incorporate all natural ingredients into African Mango 1200™, African Mango Lean™, and African Mango Cleanse™.

Without doubt the data demonstrates that the ingredients of African Mango 1200™, African Mango Lean™, and African Mango Cleanse™ have the ability to help dieters to lose weight. The very existences of these products proves that Creative Bioscience® is dedicated to marrying the concepts of health, weight loss, and top diet protocols through the delivery of outstanding products and customer service. We believe consumers who are concerned about what they consume and about weight loss should consider the line of African Mango diet products and diet support services from Creative Bioscience.