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30 Night Diet

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Why stop losing weight when the sun goes down and the evening munchies set in? Kick those cravings with 30 Night Diet, a stimulant-free diet supplement you can take in the evening to maximize weight loss results clear through till morning. 30 Night Diet has no ingredients that could keep you from getting a good night's rest.

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Product Description

30 Night Diet is your friend for serious self-improvement. You didn't gain those extra pounds overnight, but with this new stimulant-free weight loss supplement you can start feeling and looking better quickly. A month is enough time to see impressive results on a diet, and with 30 Night Diet's™ dynamic formulation of key herbal extracts you'll be better off in four weeks than you could ever be with daytime dieting alone. In four short weeks you can make a major lifestyle change and establish new, healthier habits of eating right and moving around more.

24-hour weight loss is a new idea that is catching on because it makes sense. With most diets you wake up, take your supplement, starve yourself through most of the day trying to burn calories, and then knock off in the evening because you know that taking a stimulant will ruin your rest, and without good sleep you won't be able to function very well the next day. Now, 30 Night Diet from Creative Bioscience® lets you continue losing weight after the sun goes to bed and you do, too! It offers the same clinically supported fat-fighting ingredients of our popular Day Diet™ series, but without the ingredients that speed up your metabolism and heart rate. Instead you get the appetite-suppressing benefits of herbal extracts to help you deal with evening munchies, and you also get 5-HTP for restful, satisfying sleep. 5-HTP affects serotonin levels in your brain, helping to improve mood and curb the impulse to chow down on whatever snacks you have in the house.

How many pounds do you want to lose? Smart food choices and healthy exercise are fine during the day, but why not take it a step further with 30 Night Diet and continue shedding pounds around the clock?

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Customer Reviews
"I bought this product and the African Mango Diet and lost 24lbs of stubborn belly fat in 18 days on a high protein low carb no wheat raw veggies and 1 apple a day diet. As a female I wanted to keep some body fat here and there- and I did. But the belly fat is what disappeared. I went from over 32" waist to 25" in 3 weeks; never hungry, never jittery, slept like a baby. Did not increase my exercise routine and did not spot target abs. All I did was take the supplements, eat right for me, and lost specific belly fat. WOW."

- Ginger M.

"I really like Night Diet's African Mango! Being a diabetic I wanted something natural that did what my prescription medication did to reduce my appetite and help me feel full longer and this perfect for that! I loved the Raspberry Ketone because it made the 'jiggly-bits' around my middle a bit tighter and helped reduce my appetite. I had more energy too!"

- Michelle W.

"I absolutely love this product over all of the Creative Bioscience® products. It helped with my high blood pressure, I don't get the evening munchies, and when I have had a few bites of food then I am no longer hungry with no interest in snacking, pigging out."

- Vickie A.

"I lost 11 lbs in 14 days… I love that stuff, and it didn't give me the jitters at all…"

- Jacob B.

"I was already using your daytime supplements, but Night Diet lets me keep right on losing weight after hours, and it doesn't interfere with restful sleep. I need my sleep, so no stimulants for me after 6 p.m.! This way I feel like eating less late at night, so I'm not waking up feeling bloated and guilty. I run to the scale in the morning to see how much closer I am to my goal. Actually I have been reading up on 5-HTP for a while, and I'm convinced this ingredient in Night Diet helps me have even BETTER rest than I used to get. I'm stocking up on this one. 24 hour weight loss—this is the way to go! You guys rock!"

- John T.

"Night Diet curbed my appetite and made me feel less hungry. I didn't feel jittery at all like with other diet pills. I would recommend this to anyone sensitive to stimulants."

- Arica W.

Customer Q and A

How is Night Diet different from other diet supplements?

We created Night Diet so you can keep losing weight at night. 30 Night Diet is stimulant-free diet supplements that you take in the evening to maximize weight loss results, and they don't contain ingredients that could keep you from getting a good night's rest.

Lose Weight Even While You're Asleep

New 30 Night Diet is designed to help you lose weight without using stimulants. If you get the diet jitters from other slimming supplements, try this stimulant-free formula to "diet right, day or night"--even while your body is resting. Do you need to lose a little, or a lot? Customize your Night Diet program to fit your lifestyle and weight loss goals, and get started today or tonight!

Tell me more about 5-HTP

Chances are you've heard about 5-HTP in the media. 5-hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, is a powerful fat fighter found naturally in the seeds of the plant Griffonia Simplicifolia. It is clinically shown to help block fat formation. 5-HTP also helps balance serotonin levels in your brain to improve your mood by countering insomnia and depression. It can even lessen nerve pain in conditions like fibromyalgia.

A low-calorie diet often makes a person crave carbohydrates, and 5-HTP may help to keep serotonin levels from dropping and causing you to feel like going on a binge. It is clinically shown to help block glucose release into the bloodstream, and it slows fat and sugar absorption so they pass right through your system. Still have questions? We're here when you need to talk. What do you have to lose, besides weight?

How do I take my Night Diet weight loss capsules?

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 30 minutes before dinner or thirty minutes before with a full glass of water. For best results drink plenty of water throughout the day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

What is a "self-guided" diet?

You're driving. You are in full control of your diet experience. Set a reasonable goal according to your body mass index (BMI), take your Night Diet supplement as directed, and don't give up if you happen to cheat a little.

You don't have to starve yourself and feel miserable just to lose weight--It's okay to get a little help from Mother Nature, so take advantage of the latest belly-busting ingredients to help you feel less hungry and burn fat faster than you normally would. 30 Night Diet is a powerful tool to help you start a new life with a trimmer, slimmer body—and keep the weight off.

How many pounds do you want to lose? A few? More than a few? Quite a few? Customize your Night program to fit your lifestyle and weight loss goals, and get started tonight!

Is there a certain diet I have to follow with Night Diet?

While this diet supplement does not require a strict eating plan or extra exercise, you will reach your goal more quickly if you watch what you eat and stay active. Night Diet customers who follow a restricted calorie protocol consistently report faster and better weight loss results. Many of our customers take Night Diets™ to maintain their ideal weight once they get down where they want to be.

What if I have a question about my Night Diet weight loss program?

When you buy Creative Bioscience® diet aids you receive clear instructions and diet charts to record your progress. Got a question? Ask an expert at (877) 744-1224.

Will I get the diet jitters from this product?

NO! There are no stimulants whatsoever in the Night Diet formulation

Is your support staff domestic or foreign based?

When you call our excellent diet advisors at 877-744-1224 for weight loss tips, you are connected with on-site and home-based professionals in the United States.

Is this diet supplement made in the USA, or is it imported? How do I know I am getting a top quality product?

We make Night Diet in the United States in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities. (We also offer Spanish language support.) Beware of poor quality, imported imitations.

How much is shipping, and how long does it take?

For domestic US orders, regular shipping is included in the purchase price of your diet supplement. Don't be fooled by lower priced products that add heavy shipping fees. All orders will be shipped the next day, Monday - Thursday. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday. You will receive an email with a delivery confirmation number that will allow you to track your order. Orders usually take 3 - 5 business days to be delivered.

How safe is it to order Night Diet online?

With Creative Bioscience® you can click with confidence. The purchase page on our site is encrypted and protected with up to a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. If you prefer not to disclose your payment information online, you may call us to place an order at 877-744-1224.

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